Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Teridol B Conc.

Detergent for fine wool. Non-ionic.

Teridol PB

Specific detergent with high dispersing power for raw wool washing. Non-ionic.

Teridol ER

Detergent for medium/fine wool with strong emulsifying and dispersing power. Non-ionic.

Terilan CH

Detergent for medium/fine wool with high degreasing and dispersing power. Non-ionic.

Ricolube OBR

Antistatic oil with high lubricant power. Doesn't containing mineral bases. Biodegradable. Anionic/Non-ionic.

Ricostat 27

Antistatic lubricant suitable for combing and for combed spinning. Anionic/Non-ionic.

Ricostat KX/57

Antistatic with soft effect suitable for combing and combed spinning. Anionic/Non-ionic.

Ricostat Series

Antistatic products and moisture retainers.

Ricostat HBC

Polymer which gives to the wool strong antistatic effect and facilitates the spinning. Cationic.