Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Teridol B Conc. (NI)

Detergent for fine wool.

Teridol PB (NI)

Specific detergent with high dispersing power for raw wool washing.

Teridol ER (NI)

Detergent for medium/fine wool with strong emulsifying and dispersing power.

Terilan CH (NI)

Detergent for medium/fine wool with high degreasing and dispersing power.

Ricolube OBR (NI/A)

Antistatic oil with high lubricant power. Doesn't containing mineral bases. Biodegradable.

Ricostat 27 (NI/A)

Antistatic lubricant suitable for combing and for combed spinning.

Ricostat KX/57 (NI/A)

Antistatic with soft effect suitable for combing and combed spinning.

Ricostat Series

Antistatic products and moisture retainers.

Ricostat HBC (C)

Polymer which gives to the wool strong antistatic effect and facilitates the spinning.