Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Ricosil CS (C)

Softener used both for exhausting and for padding. Good resistance to mixing, doesn't cause yellowing until 170°C. Over-dyeable. Stable in jet process. Doesn't decrease rubbing fastness of polyester dyeing. Self-dispersible elastomeric silicone microemulsion.

Ricosil W 50 (C)

Hydrophilic softener which gives soft and fluffy handle with antistatic properties. Stable at pH 2-11. Silicone microemulsion containing fatty acid condensation products.

Ricosil 71 New (NI)

Softener which gives smoothness and soft handle. Microemulsion of amino functional polysiloxane.

Ricosil 73 (NI)

Softener which gives full, soft and springy handle. Amino functional silicone microemulsion.

Ricosil ZB (NI)

Softener which gives a very soft handle used for polyester brushed. Advised for fine wool on which gives "cashmere" handle. Reactive amino functional silicone microemulsion.

Ricosil SFC (NI)

Softener which gives very soft and slippery handle. Good elasticity and good resistance to washing and dry cleaning. Advised for "deep black" effect. Reactive amino functional silicone macroemulsion.

Ricosil MHS (NI)

Hydrophilic self-dispersible macroemulsion which gives very soft handle to the fabrics. Can be dischargeable and over-dyeable. Stable in jet process. Amino functional polysiloxane.

Ricosil HY (NI)

Hydrophilic softener with low sensitivity to the pH. Self-dispersible and over-dyeable. Amino functional and polysiloxane nanoemulsion.

Ricosil HA (NI)

Softener which gives good elasticity to the fabrics. Improves anti-crease effect both on dry and wet. Good stability to washing and dry cleaning. Doesn't cause yellowing at high temperatures. Amino functional polysiloxane macroemulsion.

Ricosil 68 (NI)

Self cross-linking softener which gives elastic, fatty and slipping handle. Improves stability to washing and dry cleaning. Used for "deep black" finishing. Reactive polysiloxane macroemulsion.

Ricosil C/40 (NI)

Softener particularly suitable in combination with fluorocarbon resins. Doesn't change water and oil repellency values. Amino functional silicone macroemulsion.