Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Sequestrante FBR/55 (A)

Sequestering and dispersing agent (phosphonates) for general use with high stability in strongly alkaline condition. Actives for calcium, magnesium, iron and copper.

Sequestrante FE/T (A)

Sequestering agent base gluconate for trivalent iron on peroxide bleaching process.

Sequestrante A 329 (A)

Sequestering agent strongly acid suitable for the demineralization of natural cellulosic fibers.

Sequestrante 30 (A)

Complexing agent phosphonate with dispersing and suspending effect.

Sequestrante PF New (A)

Synergic mixture of sequestering agent suitable for iron. Used during desizing and bleaching processes. Reduces incrustations caused by silicate.

Sequestrante 531 (A)

Dispersing and sequestering agent for enzymatic desizing.

Teridol FG (A)

Polyacrilate with dispersing and sequestering effect suitable for scouring, desizing, dyeing and soaping. It doesn't demetallize the dyestuffs.