Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Egalpon LTS (NI)

Mixture of surfactants for printing after-washing with acid dyes on silk and wool.

Solfocin 1582 (A)

Fast wetting agent sulfosuccinate, with high biodegradability.

Clear FR/13 (A)

Pre-thickened acrylic thickener for pigment prints.

Acripol BAS/1 (A)

Acrylic thickener in acid form used for coating and printing products, thickenable with alkalis.

Addensante PU 60 (NI)

Polyurethane thickener which doesn't need the adding of other additives.

Legante FR/1 (A)

Acrylic binder suitable for pigment printing.

Collante PS/18 (NI)

Glue used for favor the adhesion of fabric to printing machine flat. Mixture of modified polyvinyl alcohols.

Reticolante FR/1 (NI)

Cross-linking agent which increase printing wet rubbing and washing fastness. Melamine pre-condensed resin.

Teridol L

Product used for stripping of dyeing and printing of polyester with disperse dyes. Sulphonic acid derivative.

Prodotto UR (A)

Product suitable for soaping of dyeing and printing with reactive dyestuffs. Pyrrolidine polymer with phosphates and sequestering agents.

Teridol HBC (C)

Soaping agent suitable for washing of fabric printed with direct dyes on cotton and acid dyes on polyamide. Product based on quaternary ammine.

Egalpon A (NI)

Modified compound for reactive printing soaping. Non foaming. Pyrrolidine polymer.

Egalpon EL/80 (NI)

Soaping agent for polyester printing whit disperse dyestuffs. Mixture of alkyl glycol ethers.

Acripol 415 (A)

Printing and coating paste containing aluminium powder for "metal" effect. Fast to low temperature washing. Acrylic polymers dispersion.

Ricosil 60 P (A)

Printing and coating paste for permanent shiny effect without necessity of further finishing. Fast to washing. High binding power for metal power and glitter. Dispersion of acrylic and polyurethane resins.

Rico-Finish ML (A)

Paste which, if used in combination with pigments, gives to the treated fabric brightening effect by friction. Leather effect. Mixture of acrylic resins and inert charges.

Ricoprint SC/LCF (A)

Polyurethane paste for "chamois" effect. Fast to low temperature washing. Synthetic polymers dispersion.

Rico-Pearl SA (A)

Printing and coating paste used for achieving of pearl effect. Useful also in combination with pigments. Fast to washing. Acrylic resin with pearl pigments.

POC/50 (NI)

Hydrotrope, ecological humidifier used instead of urea on printing paste recipes. High molecular weight polymer.