Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Egalpon OP

Auxiliary for washing and fulling, decreases the dirty of white parts caused by dyestuff discharging on bath. Mixture of surfactants. Anionic.

Lauropon R 10

Fulling-washing agent with crease marks inhibitor properties. Mixture fo surfactants. Anionic.

Benzopal G 02

Washing-fulling agent or wool and blends with particular characteristic for heavy articles. Mixture of surfactants. Anionic.

Laurilan R 93

Detergent particularly suitable for wool and blends. Suitable for continuous washing. Anionic.

Idroscore 49

Special detergent containing ecological solvents for all the fibers, for elimination of spin-finish and warp oils suitable for continuous and discontinuous washings. Anionic.

Woolsafe CO

Wool protector for alkaline bleaching of cotton/wool. Optimal for cotton seed-coat fragments removal. Gives good white degree and hydrophility to the cotton. Anionic.

Terilan WN

Highly ecological detergent and fulling agent used for wool articles washing. Based on alkyl sulphonate natural alcohol and aliphatic solvents. Anionic.

Egalpon 71

Anti-backstaining used on fulling and washing of wool and blends. Suitable to avoid dirty of white parts of printed or yarn dyed articles. Pyrrolidinic compound. Cationic.

Idrofil E 96

Wetting and deaerating agent advised for WEKO. Non-Ionic.

Teridol B Conc.

Detergent for washing raw wool. Non-Ionic.