Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Egalpon OP (A)

Auxiliary for washing and fulling, decreases the dirty of white parts caused by dyestuff discharging on bath. Mixture of surfactants.

Lauropon R 10 (A)

Fulling-washing agent with crease marks inhibitor properties. Mixture fo surfactants.

Benzopal G 02 (A)

Washing-fulling agent or wool and blends with particular characteristic for heavy articles. Mixture of surfactants.

Laurilan R 93 (A)

Detergent particularly suitable for wool and blends. Suitable for continuous washing.

Idroscore 49 (A)

Special detergent containing ecological solvents for all the fibers, for elimination of spin-finish and warp oils suitable for continuous and discontinuous washings.

Woolsafe CO (A)

Wool protector for alkaline bleaching of cotton/wool. Optimal for cotton seed-coat fragments removal. Gives good white degree and hydrophility to the cotton.

Egalpon 71 (C)

Anti-backstaining used on fulling and washing of wool and blends. Suitable to avoid dirty of white parts of printed or yarn dyed articles. Pyrrolidinic compound.

Idrofil E 96 (NI)

Wetting and deaerating agent advised for WEKO.

Teridol B Conc. (NI)

Detergent for washing raw wool.