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Chemical Products for Industry

The process of preparing a surface of metals, prior application of a paint, is commonly named : metal pre-treatment.

The process is based by a chemical reaction and metals surface conversion, basically creating a physical barrier that will protect metal against corrosion.

The type of chemicals conversion are depending by metal to be treated.

Moreover the surface pre-treatment industry is moving in the direction of more environmentally friendly technologies, due the limitation of use of Heavy metals like Cr,Co, Ni and more.

For the time being we are able to supply all the above mentioned pre-treatment process.

Product no rinse used for pre-painting process for galvanized steel, aluminium and cold rolled steel.

RI-PRIME 506 improves the paint adhesion and enhances the corrosion resistance.

Product chromium free, no rinse, used for pre-painting process for galvanized steel and CRS.

Compatible with any kind of paint, RI-PRIME 555 improves the paint adhesion and the corrosion resistance.