Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Microzim U

α-amylase for high temperature. Best activity at 55-80°C.

Teridol COMBI

Compound containing dispersing agent for jeans washing. Best activity at 55-75°C.

Microdenim 22

Neutral liquid cellulase for jeans stone-wash. Excellent effect at neutral pH.

Microdenim LT New

Neutral liquid cellulase. Best activity at 40-55°C.

Microdenim ONE STEP New

Neutral powder cellulase, allows simultaneous desizing and stone-wash.

Microlase 30

Acid liquid cellulase. Best activity at 50-55°C.

Microlase BP-N

Neutral liquid cellulase works in wide range of pH from 5 to 8. Can be apply also after dyeing with good colour retention. Suitable also for jeans.

Microlac S/2

Laccase suitable for jeans after-cleaning and light ecological bleaching.

Stabilizzatore IMB/EXTRA (A)

Peroxide stabilizer with sequestering and detergent properties.

Idroscore BJK (NI)

Detergent and wetting agents at high concentration and low foam, used in bleaching bath.

Ricocand PO-81

Detergent and sequestering agent used for scouring and for peroxide bleaching.

Teridol SAN New (NI)

Protector for metal accessories during garments treatment, particularly suitable for alkaline bleaching.

Teridol A-CL (A)

Chloride activator, especially developed for local jeans bleaching; can be used also on exhausting bleaching.

Riducente P

Special product for potassium permanganate neutralisation.

Ricoprint M 62 (A)

Special thickener for jeans local treatment. In combination with sodium hypochlorite forms a "gel".

Teridol 52M

Special agent for jeans treatment. In combination with sodium hypochlorite forms a "foam".

Disperdente Clean/2 (NI)

High performance liquid dispersing agent suitable for all the steps of jeans washing.

Disperdente Clean 2 A.C. (NI)

Powder concentrated version of Disperdente Clean/2.

Disperdente TK Conc. (NI)

Concentrated dispersing agent in paste form, easy to disperse by water.