Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Ricomin PPF 580

Spin-finish used for polypropylene and nylon 6 spinning on FDY process. Very good cohesioning power and thermostability.

Ricomin PPS 502

Spin-finish for polypropylene staple destined to carpets. Ecological product.

Ricomin PPS 840

Spin-finish for polypropylene staple that gives to the fibers a craquant handle. Very good thermostability.

Ricofil PF 85

Spin-finish for polypropylene continuous filament and for polypropylene cotton flock. Good antistatic power.

Ricofil PPS/10

Antistatic lubricant for BCF and POY polypropylene fibers production. Particularly indicated for carpets.

Ricofil CTP

Antistatic lubricant used for CF and POY polypropylene fibers processes.