Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Disperdente 224 Liq. (A)

Dispersing and levelling agent for polyester dyeing and as colloid protector on vat and sulphur dyeing. Mixture of alkyl aryl sulfonates.

Egalpon G (NI)

Dispersing agent for differential dyeing of blend normal polyester/cationic polyester blend in one bath.

Teridol BTD (C)

Detergent for dyeing machinery cleaning. Degrades polyester oligomers.

Egalpon 3 RM Conc. (A)

Levelling - dispersing agent for polyester and blends dyeing at high temperature.

Egalpon PGA (NI)

Carrier for dyeing of polyester and blends.

Teridol FL/SP (A)

pH regulator and dispersing agent for dyeing with disperse dyes. Buffering power on pH range of 4-6.

Teridol L

Products for reducing stripping of polyester dyeing and printing.

Idrofil PERM (NI)

Antistatic and hydrophilic agent for polyester and blends. Crease-mark inhibitor and levelling agent for polyester jet-dyeing.