Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Egalpon G (NI)

Dispersing agent suitable for polyamide differential dyeing. High dispersing properties.

Teridol EB JET (A)

Crease mark inhibitor for jet and overflow dyeing.

Prodotto BNS (A)

Levelling agent for polyamide dyeing. Auxiliary suitable as reserving agent on fabric dyeing of polyamide/cellulosic and as levelling agent for fabric dyeing of polyamide/wool.

Egalpon LTS (NI)

Levelling agent for dyeing of polyamide with normal and differential dyeability.

Egalpon EGN (NI)

Levelling agent used for dyeing of wool, polyamide and blends with acid and metal complex dyes.

Teridol VS Liq.

Acid donor for wool and polyamide dyeing. Organic ester.

Teridol HBC (C)

Levelling agent with dyestuffs affinity. Used for dyeing of polyamide with differential dyeability. Suitable for printed fabric washing processes. Used on discharge of faulty dyeing.

Teridol AI (NI)

Anti-yellowing agent for polyamide and blends with elastomeric fibers.