Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Emussal TH-LG (C)

Anti-ozone softener for jeans.

Ricosil 71 New (NI)

Silicone micro-emulsion, gives soft handle to the treated garments.

Ricosil CS (C)

Silicone nano-emulsion, gives soft and pleasant handle. Very high bath stability.

Ricosil HY (NI)

Hydrophilic nano-emulsion. Very high bath stability.

Steral DTU Scaglie (C)

Softeners in flakes form soluble with water at 75°C.

Steral DTU/P (C)

Micro-pearls softener with high performance and anti-ozone properties. Very easy to solve in cold water.

Tessal ZF/SC

Glyoxalic resin containing catalyst with very low free-formaldehyde.

Tessal NF/3D

Glyoxalic resin containing catalyst; free of formaldehyde. Especially suitable for application on jeans garments which must be bleached with chloride in order to achieve super-bleached shades.

Acripol 16, Acripol 16-NF (A)

Medium-soft acrylic resins, can be used in combination with glyoxalic resins. Reduce the lost of tensile strength. The NF version is free of formaldehyde.

Acripol DS/3D, Acripol DS/3D-NF (A)

Acrylic resins used for maintain 3D effects. Increase significantly the fiber's scrubbing properties and gives shiny and natural indigo shade. The NF version is free of formaldehyde.

Acripol 135 DS (A)

Medium-stiff acrylic resin used for give a very good brilliancy to indigo.


Particular synthetic polymer free of formaldehyde. Doesn't contain glyoxalic derivates. Gives a soft handle and a natural look.


Particular cationic resin free of formaldehyde normally used in combination with POLY-FINISH PLUS A for improve the performance.

Ricosil 60 P Liquido (A)

Compound for achieving of glossy neutral or coloured effect. It's advised pressing before polymerisation.

Rico-Finish ML-2 Liquido

Compound for achieving a coloured "vintage leather" effect by friction. Must be used in combination with pigments.

Rico-Finish LCF Liquido

Compound for achieving neutral "vintage leather" effect by friction. Useful also neutral, without pigments.

Acripol C03 (C)

Product for improving the rubbing fastness of dyeing and printing with pigments.

Idrossal Series

Water and Oil repellent agents.

Rico-Star NB/1 (A)

Multi-functional binder for pigments.

Rico-Pearl SA (A)

Special polymer for achieving pearl look. Can be used in combination with pigments.

Ricoprint RPG

Printing/coating paste resistant to potassium permanganate, forms a durable gel.

Acripol MDQ (A)

Special polymer for particular wash-out effects.

Acripol 604 (A)

Soft acrylic resin for cold pigment dyes.

Catalizzatore TR-G (A)

Catalyst which reacts at low temperature, suitable for all resins.