Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Microzim 10 L

α-amylase used for fabric and garment desizing at low-medium temperature of process (30-60°C).

Microzim U

α-amylase used for textile desizing at temperature of process between 60-90°C.

Microzim T

α-amylase used for pad-steam desizing of cotton articles.

Microzim A

α-amylase with wide range of application due to its low sensibility to pH, temperature and sequestering agents.

Microprep N/10

Pectinase for cotton enzymatic scouring.

Microbleach Series

Enzymes used for peroxide removal after bleaching.

Microlase 30

Cellulase for lyocell defibrillation and for handle improving of cellulosic fabrics.

Microlase BP-N

Cellulase with wide pH and temperature range.

Microlase Combi

Enzyme used for bio-polishing and for peroxide elimination before dyeing process.