Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry


Special product to use for jeans garment after-cleaning. Improves brightness of area with local bleaching.

Teridol EB JET/50

Crease marks inhibitor for multi-purpose use. Anionic.

Teridol J 158

High performance crease marks inhibitor, especially developed for cotton. It has properties of emulsifier for oil and wax residuals. Anionic.

Teridol MP

Protector for metal accessories during garments treatment, especially suitable during dyeing. Non-Ionic.

Teridol SAN New

Protector for metal accessories during garments treatment, particularly suitable for alkaline bleaching. Non-Ionic.

Teridol PON

Dyeing auxiliary with high levelling power. Anionic.

Colorfix CSR

Fixing agent for direct and reactive dyestuffs with very low change of shade. Free of formaldehyde. Cationic.

Colorfix JFW

Fixing agent used to improving dry and wet fastness of indigo dyeing articles. Free of formaldehyde. Cationic.

Teridol FG

Dispersing-soaping agent for reactive dyestuffs. Anionic.

Ricoprint OSD Series

Pigments for dyeing with high performance and reproducibility at exhausting.

Ricoprint FLUO Series

Fluorescent pigments for dyeing and for local application.

Idroscore BJK New

Detergent for preparation of material to the pigment dyeing. Non-Ionic.

Colorprint TP-F

Cationizing agent to use for pigment dyeing with OSD System. Cationic.

Colorprint TP-S

Fixing agent to use for pigment dyeing with OSD System. Cationic.

Teridol TP-CL

Special detergent product for after-cleaning of the machine after pigment dyeing. Cationic.