Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Benzopal ECO/TLE (A)

Emulsifier-detergent agent suitable for washing and scouring of natural and synthetic fibers. Stable until 10°Bé NaOH.

Benzopal RSM (A)

Wetting-detergent agent for scouring and bleaching of cotton, wool blends and synthetic fibers. Useful with hard water and reducing agents.

Benzopal R 22 (NI)

Wetting agent for multipurpose use both for cold and hot treatments.

Benzopal RW/3 (NI)

Thermodegradable wetting agent for water-oil repellent finishing. Doesn't form film.

Idrofil FFD (A)

Deaerating with permanent antifoam properties in scouring, bleaching and dyeing bath.

Idrofil E 95 (NI)

Fast deaerating and wetting agent, low foaming useful for bleach padding. Can be used in combination with Idrossal series.

Idrofil E 97 (NI)

Deaerating-wetting agent with high power of foam elimination on long bath, stable to high temperature and high-speed dyeing. Contains phosphoric acid ester.

Idrofil NR (NI)

Deaerating and wetting agent suitable for bleaching and dyeing of cellulosic, synthetic and blends.

Idroscore GP 92 (A)

Detergent with solvent for synthetic fibers, suitable as emulsifier for raw material dyeing. Degreasing used for oil residuals elimination. Used for scouring of elastic fabrics.

Idroscore BJK New (NI)

Detergent and wetting agent with low foam for cotton scouring and bleaching on jet and overflow.

Idroscore SI (NI)

Detergent suitable for silicone oils removal, with high biodegradability. Developed for elastic fabrics pre-treatment.

Setilan M Liq. (A)

Detergent for silk and blends degumming.

Teridol B Conc. (NI)

Detergent for washing raw wool.

Teridol BRD (NI)

Surfactants with high biodegradability. Suitable as detergent, emulsifier, wetting and suspending agent on the preparation process of all fibers. Product used for pad-batch bleaching with high concentration of caustic soda.

Teridol TC/ECO (A)

Detergent and wetting agent with solvent, suitable for washing and scouring of wool, cotton, staple, synthetic fibers and blends. Stable to alkali, low foam.

Teridol TR (A)

Mixture of particular modified alcohols. Suitable as auxiliary with high power as detergent, wetting and dispersing agent used for scouring with peroxide and hypochlorite, both for cotton and PES/CO.

Reforil NFB (A)

Low foaming wetting agent for padding based phosphorylated.

Solfocin 1582 (A)

Wetting agent for padding, dispersing agent for disperse and vat dyestuff with high biodegradability. Wetting agent for printing paste.

Mercerizzante NI (A)

Wetting agent suitable on mercerizing process.

Teridol M/50 (NI)

Wetting agent with low foam for continuous preparation. High compatibility with enzymes.

Teridol ME/75 (NI)

Detergent-wetting agent for continuous and discontinuous pre-treatment.