Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

RICCI S.p.A. was founded more than fifty years ago to manifacture auxiliary agents for textile industruy. In the last few years this company espanded its wide range of products to leather and metallurgical industries including detergents, phyto-adjuvants for agricolture and recently to ceramic and cosmetic industries without neglecting obviously textile processing.

According to its final goals, RICCI S.p.A. aims at developing marketing and production strategies more and more consolidated. Moreover, it is imposing its growing presence on the international market.

Thanks to its constant investiments, made in the last few years, RICCI S.p.A. today can rely on tested structures concerning applied and innovative research and on an efficient trading and supplying organization to reach its goals.

Thanks to constant investiment in human, technological and financial resources, RICCI maintains a first-rate technical-scientific organization. We develop parnerships with our clients aimed at determing appropriate solutions to meet their specific requirements.

In order to constantly improve our service, we maintain contact with our clients and continue to manage the product after its delivery.

Environmental management is a key priority at RICCI; for this reason, our products are designes for minimum environmental impact at each stage of development.

RICCI S.p.A. at present counts on the collaboration of esperts, researchers and technicians working in different fields.

As most important research project are planned:

  • The study of new surface-active agents wich combine high biodegradable character and biocompatibility with high specific performances of application
    The study of special hydro-dispersed polymeric compounds for the finishing process of surfaces, fabrics, leather, etc.
    The manifacturing of specific compounds for finishing process of fabrics, industrial detergent products and body care.
  • The application of natural products that solve specific tolerance needs and allergic charge in the cosmetic industry.
    In the metal working field, the progressive replacement of traditional mineral oils with synthetic fluids, biostable fluids, viscostable polymeric compounds and ecological advanced fluids.
    In agrochemical fields, the manifacturing of products characterized by a higher level of technology able to solve problems about emulsion and bundling in order to guarantee high performances qithout affect theyr stability.

Thanks to the constant presence of a great number of agents supported by a qualified technical assistance, we garantee a high level on the market and a top quality service. The more increasing presence of the RICCI on the international market is due to its effective trading organization. The search for new markets has been carried out also thanks to trade agrrements with local companies based on a astrong collaboration concerning production and sales activities. In view of the obtained results, we are going to consolidate and to extend market strengthening and our own image at international level. The great ambitions may came true also thanks to further investments of labour and technologies.


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if we are diligent and endowed with ability.
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