Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Ricolube TS/95 Extra (A)

Spinning oil for weaving of fine wool with high antistatic, cohesion and lubrication features. Low surfactants containing. Product biodegradable.

Ricolube N-70 (NI/A)

Spinning oil for medium/fine wool and blends with synthetic fibers.

Rilanol E (NI/A)

Spinning oil for knitting with high cohesion and antistatic features suitable for pure wool and blends with synthetic fibers.

Ricostat 27 (NI/A)

Antistatic lubricant suitable for combing and for combed spinning.

Ricostat KX/57 (NI/A)

Antistatic with soft effect suitable for combing and combed spinning.

Ricostat G-60 (NI)

Antistatic to use in combination with combed spinning of spin finish emulsion.