Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Disperdente 224 Liq.

Dispersing and levelling agent on polyester dyeing and used also as colloid protector on vat and sulphur dyeing. Mixture of alkyl aryl sulfonates. Anionic.

Teridol GNI

Auxiliary for pre-treatment and dyeing of cotton. Dispersing colloid protector and diffusion agent for dyeing of cotton. Anionic.

Egalpon G

Product with high dispersing properties in dyeing process. Non-Ionic.

Teridol EB JET

Crease marks inhibitor for jet and overflow dyeing useful on garments. Anionic.

Teridol J 158

Crease marks inhibitor for cotton with property of emulsifier for oils, waxes and fats residual. Lubricant action. Anionic.

Egalpon D/A

Levelling agent on cellulosic fibers dyeing with vat and direct dyestuffs. Anionic.

Egalpon RS

Levelling agent for vat and direct dyestuffs. Non-foaming product. Non-Ionic.

Teridol MB Liq.

Anti-reducing agent for dyeing and printing. Oxidizing agent for dyeing with vat dyestuff. Salt of nitrobenzene sulfonic acid. Anionic.

Teridol HBC

Levelling agent with dyestuff affinity. Used on soaping, levelling and discharge. Product based on quaternary amine. Cationic.

Teridol FG

Polyacrylate with dispersing and sequestering effect. Suitable for scouring and soaping of dyeing of reactive dyestuffs. Anionic.

Prodotto UR

Product suitable for soaping of dyeing and printing with reactive dyestuffs. Pyrrolidine polymer with phosphates and sequestering agents. Anionic.

Egalpon HX

Auxiliary of soaping, discharge and levelling with affinity for anionic dyestuffs. Cationic.