Ricci S.p.A.

Chemical Products for Industry

Stabilizzatore SM/40 (A)

Organic compound free of silicates. Stabilizer for peroxide bleaching bath both for continuous and discontinuous processes.

Stabilizzatore IMB/EXTRA (A)

Stabilizer with wetting and detergent agent for discontinuous peroxide bleaching.

Stabilizzatore C 92 (A)

Stabilizer for pad-batch peroxide bleaching with dispersing effect.

Stabilizzatore C 93 (A)

Stabilizer for pad-batch peroxide bleaching at high NaOH concentration. Can be used also for pad-steam process.

Stabilizzatore SP/4 (A)

Stabilizer based on special silicate used for pad-batch bleaching.

Stabilizzatore 321 (A)

Economic stabilizer for peroxide discontinuous bleaching of cotton fabrics and blends.

Attivatore AO New

Bleaching peroxide activator at low temperature and medium alkalinity.

Woolsafe CO (A)

Wool protector on bleaching of cotton/wool in alkaline conditions.

Prodotto VR Liq.

Reducing agent for complete peroxide elimination after bleaching.

Teridol CA/2

Not volatile organic acid for alkalinity fabric neutralization.

Microbleach T 10 L

Enzyme used for peroxide residual removal after bleaching.